This study is based on the release of nitric oxide by humming Bhramari Pranayama. Nitric Oxide is a gas molecule with highly reactive heteronuclear diatomic having a single electron in a 2P-π anti bonding orbit. Nitric Oxide (NO) is a pulmonary vasodilator that reduces pulmonary vascular resistance and hence improves oxygenation by increasing the blood flow in pulmonary capillaries. Virus infection (COVID-19) leads to vasoconstriction, and activation of platelets thus blood is in a hypercoagulable state. Thus lung coagulopathy leads to a reduction in oxygenation and a hypoxemia state.

For decades we have been using No in medicine to treat lung diseases Nitric Oxide also acts as an anticoagulant, inhibits blood clotting, and acts as a blood thinner preventing coagulopathies. It is proven morbidity and mortality are due to hypoxia and coagulopathies (Cytokine Storm). Nitric Oxide prevents and restores the body.

Nitric Oxide is expressed continuously from the paranasal sinus of the nose. Studies have proved that NO can effectively improve arterial oxygen and inhibit the replication of Coronavirus. Production of nitric oxide is increased 15 times by humming (Bhramari Pranayama). Most yoga practitioners advise phonation of “OM” with mouth open and usually repetitive chanting 25 to 30 times a minute oral breathing leads to dehydration, activation of the sympathetic nervous system (Pingla Nadi) increases pulse rate, respiratory rate, metabolic acidosis and free radicals (Reactive Oxygen Species) resulting in catabolic activity(Vata Dosh). Search for the member you want to make a writer.

Humming through the nose is associated with abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing is relaxing and invokes the parasympathetic nervous system (Ida Nadi). It enhances vagal tone resulting in better cardiac output, stroke volume bradycardia, and alpha brain wave state.

Due to extended exhalation and holding the breath out negative intrathoracic pressure enhances venous return and cardiac preload stroke volume and cardiac output.

This slow rate of deep breathing with increased tidal volume improves body tolerance to fight infection and neutralization of free radicals.

Clinical trials of Nitric Oxide Nasal spray (SANOTIZE) are a benchmark in the treatment of COVID-19 and may result in a reduction of viral load in 72 hours by 99%. The question is why we should wait for the upcoming nasal spray when we can enhance the production of NO in the body by Bhramari Pranayama.


The patient is instructed to take a slow deep abdominal breath, lift the tongue and press on the hard palate in Khechari Mudra, hold the breath in, blow the cheek for better echo, close both ears with thumbs of both hands keeping them onconcha simultaneously blocking the ears, and both eyes are gently closed by index finger. The tip of the index finger should rest on the lateral wall of the nose. Both middle fingers are put on the base of the ala of the nose. The mouth is closed on both sides, the upper lip by ring fingers and the lower lip by little fingers. Both eyes are focused on Shambhavi drishti at the Anja Chakra in between both eyebrows. A constant rhythmic uninterrupted specific frequency sound (mouth closed jaw relaxed) is generated. Spiritual concentration is focused on Dwarika Dhish (Deity). During humming command is given that the whole body is getting charged and you are full of energy. Visualize and feel the energy. After complete exhalation, hold your breath out; Vahya Kumbhakis enforced and spiritual focus on Lord Shiva (Deity). Keep holding my breath out as long as possible, and simultaneously give a command to my brain that my whole body is revitalizing. I am relaxed, I am healthy, I am happy, and feel happiness and wellness along with increased vitality. The exercise can be performed sitting comfortably in a calm place, with eyes closed, relaxed mood with a smile on your face, A pitch sound gives better results. For better results, the whole body, mind, and soul should be relaxed eyes should be gently closed. You should be able to visualize a faint dusty brown lightly at solar plexes (Ajna Chakra) matching the color of the pineal gland. After completing the Bhramari hold your breath out for maximum comfortable duration. This optimizes the CO2 level in blood, tissue, and cellular level enhancing HCO3 anion leading to apoptosis and revitalization.

Take away message

Scientifically doing Bhramari Pranayama with a relaxed body, mind, and soul can lead to an alpha brain wave state, dilation of bronchioles, enhanced lung capillaries blood supply better oxygenation correction of coagulopathies. I conclude that yoga giving a command its visualization and scientific way is basic to have disease-free free amused life with eternal peace and happiness.