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Yoga Training Muzaffarnagar

Dr. M. K. Taneja (Yoga Trainer)

M.B.B.S., D.L.O., M.S. (ENT), FIAOHNS DYN, M.A. (Yoga),

M.D. (AM), Ph. D. (Yoga & Naturopathy

Senior ENT & Cochlear Implant Surgeon

Founder: Indian Institute of Yoga & Naturopathy

Secretary General: SAARC E.N.T. Doctor’s Association

Governing Body Member: Ministry of AYUSH, CCRYN, Govt. Of India

Honorary Professor: Indian Medical Association (IMA)

Patron: International Naturopathy Organization (INO)

Yoga Training Muzaffarnagar

Corporate Yoga


Every person wants to remain healthy simultaneously he wants to touch the Sky and fulfill his desire by working through out day and night hence I will like to provide tips for corporate or extremely busy ambitious persons who are always short of time living under stress and want to excel in all fields of life. First of all I will like to emphasize on life style. Life style in Yog is first two steps that is Yam & Niyam self restraints and self observances.


The three sub sections of them is “Astey", “Aparigrah” and “Ishwar Pranidhan” to be incorporated in life style for ultimate success & stress free life. Astey is achieving anything wealth, physical, monitory or status without hurting others. Aparigrah is collection or achieving of financial or physical good which is not actually required. I will like to elaborate and emphasize, aparigrah, it is one of the most important part of yogic life style. If you want to buy a luxury car, smart phone or a big house, one has to decide weather any of these or all are essential for enhancing quality of life or achieving goal. You have to make sure investing money or procuring a property etc. is absolutely essential for my living. The excess leads to stress and termed “badhak" in the way of 'Samadhi'. The third the most important "Ishwar Pranidhan" is whatever act you do, you should leave the result in the hands of God. He is the one who will grant results for my ultimate favour and I will be happy with the final results. I will remain happy in all conditions uR;'urL;q ;ksxks·fLr u pSdkUreu'uo%A u pkfr LoIu'khyL; tkxzrks uSo pktqZuAA Lord Krishna has emphasized in Bhagwat Gita. Yoga practitioners will achieve success only by neither eating more, nor fasting, neither sleeping more nor waking all the time ;qDrkgkjfogkjL; ;qDrps"VL; deZlqaA ;qDrLoIuocks/kL; ;ksxks Hkofr nq%[kgkAAA Lord Krishna further emphasizes to get rid of all sins through by yoga one has to live and eat optimally sleep (Gita-6-17) and work optimally. This is the way to master in the field of yoga. Maharshi Patanjali says eS=hd:.kkeqfnrksis{kk.kka lq[knq% [kiq.;kiq.;fo"k;k.kka Hkkoukrf'pizlknue~AA one should make friends who are happy and be kind to the people who are sick or in sorrow, avoid bad people, and pleasing attachment with a holy person, leads to happy stress free state (Yog sutra 33) izPNnZufo/kkj.kkHk;ka ok izk.kL;AA izPNnZu vkSj fo/kkj.k izk.kk;ke ls fpRr izluu gksrk gSA Holding the breath out or breath in leads to a state of happiness rfLeu~ lf'okliz'okl;ksxZfrfoPNsn% izk.kk;ke%A ^^'okl vkSj iz'okl dh xfr dk foPnsn djuk gh izk.kk;ke gS*A


Practices of Pranayam in a way when inhalation and exhalation time becomes minimum or negligible : The maximum time duration is of holding the breath out is more important (Vahya Kumbhak) ckg;kH;Urj fo"k;{ksih% izk.kk;ke dk nh?kZ dky rd vH;kl djus ij tc iwjd vkSj jspd bruk lw{e gks tk;s dh lkekU;r% mudk vuqHko gh u jgs rc izk.kk;ke fl) gksrk gSA rr% {kh;rs izdk' By Practicing and achieving mastering of Pranayam, one get rids of all sins, bad habits and comes to a bliss state.




To remain healthy just by diet is preferably take a single fruit, Vegetable or eatable at a time. Chew the food 32 times, let it emulsify with saliva in mouth. Do not take water, tea, Coffee or fruit juice with food, and do not take any thing 90 minutes preceeding meal. Do not do over eating preferably leave one fourth stomach unfilled. Do not eat again for four hours but delaying a meal for more than six hours decreases the fire (Basal Metabolic rate) and energy level. Fasting leads to sluggishness, lower energy level, low basal metabolic rate, depression hence results in weight gain and obesity. Always add sufficient (more than 500gm) leafy green vegetables and fruits viz. Spinach, fenugreek, cucumber, kiwi, Broccoli, Cabbage, Basil, Coriander, Green bean, bottle gourd (Lauki) lady finger ribbed gourd (Torai). Chlorophyll detoxifies the body and power to carry & life force or solar energy if consumed raw and also helps in the formation of haemoglobin which has iron at place of magnesium of chloride. Sprout can be kept in the category of nectar food. Leafy green and sprout decrease the acidity and make the body alkaline.


Alkaline pH decreases the osteoclastic activitis, joint pains, and may prevent neo plasmic activity. Alkaline pH also result in release of feel good hormones and have soothing affect on the body, mind and soul. Do not take meal after 8.00 p.m. and that too should be light. Try to avoid the late night dinners. The pitta is activated between 10.00 am to 2.00 pm when digestive fire (Jathar Agni) hence principle meal should be taken for better assimilation energy and to prevent obesity.


Life Style


Try to fix your routine including your morning getup, evening sleep time including breakfast, Lunch and dinner time. Just scheduling of the day lead to healthy and happy life. If not impossible prepone your morning get up time by 20 minutes. Before getting out of bed smile and alter your body position feet to head end side and place them high over the pillow or back support of the head end, it increases the blood supply of brain and face. Brush your teeth comfortably, and enjoy it for 3 minutes, some pathies say every teeth denotes an organ of body and the same is applicable for the tongue hence massage and clean the tongue with the pulp of finger (no nails) for a minute. Do the dry friction of whole body before going for a shower. Remember shower keep your both hands free hence do a wet massage or friction, smile, sing (humming is more rewarding) and rub the body. Squeeze and massage the limbs from periphery to central side that is from finger to the torso, after shower again rub your body with the towel. Friction increases the body temperature and stimulates the nerve ending of skin and subcutaneous fat. Enjoy the freshness of morning, the day is a god's gift. Another opportunity make a roaster for the day. Always reserve some time for relaxation and enjoyment with family and friends. Intelligent people count the richness by the number of friends, earn them. Make sure to contact or call two friends who love you not to those whom you love. In these 20 minutes devote jut six minutes for morning exercise do Taad aasan, Hastpaad aasan, Agnisaar kriya, Bhramari Pranayam, and Nadi shodhan (Kumbhak).


Taad Aasan


Taad, meaning mountain, high or great performance. This aasana stabilizes the body and mind. Stand with 4 inches (10.0 cm.) feet apart equally maintaining your body on both legs and the arms by the sides.


Take a deep abdominal breath, hold it, and raise your both arms over the head. Stretch your whole body upwards, arms, shoulders, chest and spine all one by one, finally both the heels and coming up on the toes.


Focus your attention on Mooladhar Chakra keep holding your breath in, maintain stretch upward from the toes to the stretched hands. Try to touch the sky. Focus your eyes on some object straight forward, maintain balance. Hold the position and breath in to the maximum comfortable duration. Slowly exhale and bring the hand, heels and body down to the neutral position. This is specifically good to enhance body balance, concentration power academic performance and to prevent dementia.


Note : For better performance open the fingers wide apart while counting and holding the breath in, one can give a command that all the ten fingers are antenna, you are getting strength and power directly from the super power and your body, mind is getting charged.You are becoming powerful and you are going to conquer the world.


Hastpaad Asan


Hast mean hand and Paad means foot hence a union of hand and foot is termed as hastpadaasana.


Stand erect with both feet together in 'II' position not in 'V' position, for senior citizen both legs 10 cm apart, hands by the side of the body, relax, smile with maintaining weight equally on both legs. Join both hands in pranam mudra at the level of lower chest (Anahat Chakra) and Chant "Om mitray Namay. Take a slow deep abdominal breath hold it, stretch your trunk, shoulder, both arms upward, flex the head tuck the chin into the chest, bend forward so the trunk becomes parallel to the floor, relax the shoulders and upper arms but do not fold the arms and do not arch the back.


Exhale completely squeeze your abdomen, bend further forward and downward on lower spine, do not bend your knees and try to touch your fingers to the great toe. Practice it gradually whole hand should touch the feet or the floor by the sides and forehead to the knees. Relax your body. Focus your spiritual awareness on swadhistan chakra and physical awareness on lower back muscles. Hold the position keep holding the breath out and position to the comfortable maximum duration. Slowly return to the neutral position in reverse order and breathe in.


This aasana improves digestion alleviates flatulence and by virtue of vahya kumbhak increases blood flow to brain, increases vagal tone activates shushmana nadi, hence improves concentration, delays aging, prevents dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and all body diseases.


Agnisaar Kriya


Stand tall erect body stretched up both legs one and half feet apart, take a slow deep abdomino clavicular breath through the nose. Bend forward at the waist and exhale fully by in pulling the umbilicus towards the spine and inside the thoracic cavity by squeezing the abdominal muscles. Hold the breath out (Vahya Kumbhak). Push down on knees with straight elbows. Keep holding the breath out relax abdominal muscles. Smile & contract and release the abdominal muscles rapidly. Keep on holding the breath out and perform till comfortably possible. Take a slow deep breath. Relax, come back to starting position this is one cycle repeat three cycles.


Focus physical awareness on abdominal muscles and spiritual awareness on Mooladhar Chakra. If difficult to do one can practice Swan Kriya (Dog Panting) in the initial stage.


Uddiyan Bandh


As the name suggests it makes the body light, Uddiyan is pertinent to flying. Stand erect tall body stretched up with both legs, one and half feet apart take a deep abdomino clavicular breath through the nose, Bend forward at the waist and exhale fully empty the lungs by in pulling the umbilicus towards spine and inside the thoracic cavity by squeezing the abdomen and chest muscles, keep 0 holding the breath out. Bend the knees by 30 , place the palms on the lower part of thigh with thumbs inside, do not bend the elbows, look forward, smile and relax, there will be self relaxation of abdominal muscle, if not, voluntarily relax the abdominal muscles, keeping the glottis closed make a false inhalation by lifting the shoulder, expanding the chest and extending the knees. Now both legs straight, put an effort to further inhale forcefully with glottis closed and abdominal muscles relaxed. This will pull the abdominal muscles upward and inward in to the chest cavity. Hold this position till you can hold comfortably, relax the abdomen and chest. take a deep breath relax. Return to the neutral position and repeat the cycle three more times.


                Note if one is not able to close the glottis one can close the mouth and pinch the nose during false inhalation, make sure abdominal muscles are relaxed. Focus your physical awareness on naval region and spiritual awareness on Mooladhar Chakra for physique or at Manipur Chakra to stimulate the function of Pancreas, liver and adrenal glands.


In this we make a judicial effort by squeezing every alveoli of lung to exhale every toxic molecule (Co ) and detoxy the blood and improve the capacity and 2 working power of the lungs.



Kumbhak (Nadi Shodhan)


Smile relax, close the eyes. Start with slow long deep abdominal breath with chanting Om Namay Shivay now hold the breath in and chant Om Namay shivay four times and slowly exhale Completely by squeezing the anterior abdominal wall muscles and chant Om Namay Shivay two times. Now hold the breath out and chant Om Namay shivay four times.


Give a command that whole body is getting detoxified, purified along with purification of thought process. Repeat the cycle. Relax with closed eyes for some time. Rub both palms (palming) vigorously and put your both palms as a cup to gently cover the eyes and with command to transfer the energy deep insides the brain to pineal gland, hypothalamus, pituitary gland and to vitalize the whole body.


Day time ultra short meditation with Bhramari


This ultra short meditation provides relaxation and revitalization for two hours. It takes total one minute. It is a combination of Taad aasan, Bhramari and Kumbkak. This can be performed even sitting on a office chair. Smile close your eyes. Take a long deep abdomino clavicular breath simultaneously give a command that my body is getting vitalized and energized. Stretch the whole body as in Taad aasan, hold the breath in, feel the energy feel the warmth, now start Bhramari (humming) bring the hands down smile and relax the whole body simultaneously worship Lord krishna give a command I am the best, I am the most intelligent keep the eyes closed in relaxed mood keep humming till the breath last. Now hold the breath out, give a command to whole body to relax, chant I am pure soul, I am god's son, I am comfortable, I am happy, I am Happy. I am happy, rub your palms vigorously and transfer the energy through the eyes to pineal gland and your body. Open the eyes and start your routine. This ultra short one minute meditation should be repeated every 2 hours 4 to 5 times a day.


This one minute mediation takes you into alpha to delta brain wave state and revitalizes the body, mind and soul for next two hours. It should be practiced before interview, during examination and in all the difficult challenging situations to achieve win state.