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S No. Name of Journal Name of Publication/Articles & Authors Year of Publication Pages How to cite this URL
1. Indian Journal of Otology Assessment of middle ear function in patients with cleft palate treated under "Smile Train Project" (Vivek Taneja Gautam P, Sharma R, Prakash A, Kumar S July-Sept 2011 105-108
3. Indian Journal of Otology Etiological factors for pediatric sensorineural hearing loss (Kumar S, Gautam P, Sharma R, Taneja V) Oct-Dec 2011, Vol-17, Issue-4 162-164
4. Indian Journal of Otology Role of vitamin D in prevention of deafness (Taneja MK, Taneja V) April-June 2012, Vol-18, Issue-2 55-57
5. Indian Journal of Otology Evaluation of central neuropathy in patients of chronic renal failure with normal hearing (Sharma R, Gautam P, Gaur S, Kumar S, Taneja V) April-June 2012, Vol-18, Issue-2 76-81
6. Indian Journal of Otology Role of ENT surgeons in the national program for prevention and control of deafness (Taneja MK, Taneja V) July-Sept 2012, Vol-18, Issue-3 119-121
7. Indian Journal of Otology Bacterial flora of infected unsafe CSOM (Kumar S, Sharma R, Saxena A, Pandey A, Gautam P, Taneja V) Oct-Dec 2012, Vol. 18, Issue-4 208-211
8. Indian Journal of Otology Current Trend in Mastoid Surgery: A vascular Consideration (Dr. M. K. Taneja & Dr. Vivek Taneja) April-June 2013 49-50
9. Indian Journal of Otology Ceruminous gland adenoma (Varshney H, Taneja V, Taneja M K) Jan-March 2014, Vol-20, Issue-1 41-43
10. Indian Journal of Otology Drug therapy for otitis media (Dr. M. K. Taneja & Dr. Vivek) Jan-March 2014, Vol-20, Issue-1 1-3